When you look at the design of sunglasses, there are two key elements to consider regarding fashion and function. In the last few years, sunglasses have become a must have accessory, and the current design process makes you notice exactly that. Many of the fashion industries, including clothing, fragrance, and even sports have custom-design sunglasses to help the promotion of their own specific image. Many of these designs are not born in order to be functional. The only intent that they have is to increase the fashion appeal of the sunglasses. Stylish frames, lenses shaped in a unique way, and logos on the glasses are all part of the designers thoughts.

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Some designs may be considered as classic and timeless, other designs must be periodically upgraded to keep satisfying the general public's ever changing demands. The realm of children's sunglasses market is another area, one which requires frequently redesigning their models, since the style of the glasses changes from season to season and it is based on merchandising the glasses along with popular cartoons or other tv characters or personalities.

Sunglasses are designed specifically for many different types of outdoor activities. Sports fans have specific requirements that are reflected in sunglass design. For example, sunglasses designed for trap shooters are specifically designed to give the maximum contrast you can get. This is to allow better viewing of their clay pigeon targets. On the other hand, the sunglasses that are made specifically for skiers are designed to counter the light that is being reflected of snow-covered surfaces. Lenses that are of this kind are known as blue blockers. Blue blockers filter out violet, blue, and some UV rays. The sunglasses done specifically for fisherman and boaters have their own special needs that must be taken care of as well. Nowadays there are sunglasses for these and many more activities.

Sunglasses are used to protect the eyes in more than one way. The glasses have two ways of protecting your eyes, they can either absorb or reflect certain frequencies of light. In both cases, it reduces the amount of light that enters the eyes. The absorbing type of glasses are the ones that use various substances that are added to the lens material, and it’s used to selectively absorb light of specific frequencies. The range of frequencies can actually be controlled by changing the mixture of colorizing additives.