Bulgari sunglasses for woman BV4079GPerhaps one of, if not the most expensive eyeglasses that Bulgari has to offer is its BV4079G model. Its cost is justified though, due to the top of the line materials that went into producing it. This pair exemplifies true attention to detail and has a simple yet elegant design that best suits it for those women who want a unique, fashionable, and one-of-a-kind exclusive product. The phrase “less is more” has rarely seen a more fitting application and manifestation than in this model. The frame style present here is the butterfly style, which complements heart and square-shaped faces very well, especially for the heart-shaped faces because of how this particular pair has a wider bottom than top. It also works with round and oval face shapes as well. The frame material used is acetate, which provides a good optical quality, comfortability, flexibility, and is lightweight. Another lesser known, additional benefit is that most acetate frames are hypoallergenic, which is also present in this pair. Exercise caution and do not expose these eyeglasses to heat, lest the frames melt easily and quickly in conditions of extreme heat. The temples are adorned with the Bulgari logo. For now, the only frame color to choose from is black. Prescription glasses are available upon request. It is discounted at 20% off of its high retail price. All in all, this is a must have for those women who enjoy fine, premium quality eyeglasses that make the most of its relatively simplistic design, so do yourselves a favor and get this model immediately!

NOTE: Bulgari is the name of the brand, which was derived from the last name of the founder of the company, Sotirios Bulgaris, who was Greek. BVLGARI is simply the classical Latin spelling of Bulgari.