This eyewear collection was released last year in 2014. It was inspired by the vintage Burberry trench coat first created in 1914. The current trench coats are made with an English design, incorporating English-woven gabardine, which is a handmade tough and tightly woven fabric. Additionally, the trench coats come with d-rings and a buckled belt, which are both inspired by signature military details. The Trench Collection is comprised of eyewear that recreates all of the trademarks of the trench coat into their designs. One such detail is the nose-pad supports, which reference the hook-and-eye neck fastening of the trench coat. Additionally, they are cast from a mold that bears the iconic Burberry check. Another detail is the temples, which have been adorned with the Burberry check that serves as the lining of the trench coat. The temple tips themselves have been wrapped in leather. Some of the colors that are exclusive to the color palette that define these eyewear models are the signature Honey and Gold, Stone and Silver, and Black with Tortoiseshell.

            Burberry men's sunglasses featuring square style BE 4154Q availiable with prescription lenses upon request.The BE4154Q is a model of men’s sunglasses within the collection. It features a Square style, which highlights the contours of the round and oval shaped faces very well. The frames are made of the richest acetate available, the coloring of which is customized to a series of trench shades that are exclusive to Burberry’s color palette. These colors will be discussed later. The lenses are polycarbonate, which may have up to as much as 10 times the impact resistance than the standard plastic or glass lenses. Even so, they may require an additional coating for further protection from scratches. Furthermore, they offer absolute protection from UV radiation. Thus, they do not require an additional coating specifically to help prevent UV radiation. Additionally, this model features a half metal rim. The temple tips are wrapped in leather and feature contrast stitching, which is a throwback to the trench buckle. The Burberry logo can be seen adorned onto the temples. These sunglasses work very well for those people who desire a cool, trendy, and stylish look. Moreover, they are an ideal fit for a plethora of situations, ranging from fashion to everyday driving on the streets. This model may come in the colors of Black, Black Gold, Brown Havana, and Dark Havana. Prescription lenses are optional. It is priced at a 20% discount, so be sure to get this model and get a great looking pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price.


            Burberry women's sunglasses featuring square stile BE 4153Q available with prescription lenses upon request.Another model that comes from this collection is the BE4153Q. It is a pair of women’s sunglasses and features the same Square style and acetate frames as the previously discussed model. The lenses in this model are instead made of plastic, which gives the sunglasses good optical quality and a feeling of being lightweight. They also have good shatter resistance and can be more easily tinted with uniform grade colors than other types of lenses. But these lenses require additional coatings for both scratch-resistance and UV protection. Once again, the temple tips are leather-wrapped. The classic Burberry check can be seen on both the temples and their tips. They work very in the same situations as with the BE4154Q, but emphasize more of a stylish fashion designer look. Possible colors for these sunglasses include Beige Havana, Black, Brown Beige, and Dark Havana. Beige Havana colored sunglasses may be polarized for an extra charge. Prescription lenses are also an option. As with the other model, this is price at a 20% discount, so it’s recommended that the ladies pick this particular model up as soon as possible.