Bulgari sunglasses are crefted with finest detail and luxurious quality. They are but a small part of the wide product selection that the brand offers, all of them having premier quality and excellence in accordance with the company philosophy. This is to be expected, as Bulgari was created in Italy, which is home to many of the best designers of all time. To accomplish such a daunting task, the sunglasses are outfitted with the vintage Bulgari Swarovski crystals at the temples. Additionally, they feature small diamantes and semi-precious rhinestones. All of this fine jewelry serves as an incorporation of the fine jewelry that Bulgari is primarily known for and affords the eyewear much charm and opulence that ultimately gives the wearer an aura of sophistication. These sunglasses will thus be best fit for those who seek high-end, impeccable sunglasses and demand and expect nothing less than ultimate perfection.


Men's Bvlgari Sunglasses BV5028

One of the most prominent men’s pair of Bvlgari sunglasses is the BV5028 model. The vintage watches that Bulgari also produces inspire these particular sunglasses themselves. It comes from the Tubogas Collection of 2014. It features an irregular style frame. The frame material is metal. The lens material is plastic, which offers decently good optical quality, is lightweight for more comfortable wear, and is more impact resistant than glass lenses. Beware that it is essential to add on scratch-resistant coating for extra endurance and a special type of coating to afford 100% complete protection from ultraviolet radiation. It is also advised not to wear these sunglasses when performing in active sports activities because they are quite thicker than polycarbonate and high index plastic lenses by an average of 20 – 35%. Additionally, this model features the double bridge. The Bulgari logo and metal décor that symbolizes the Tubogas Collection adorns its temples. The frame colors come in a great variety of colors, which include black, brown, gunmetal, and pale gold. Polarized lenses are also available upon request, with the gunmetal grey polarized lenses featuring an extra charge of $50. This model is discounted 20% off of its retail price, so be sure to buy it as soon as possible. Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also soon be looking resplendent and sophisticated with those high-octane Bvlgari sunglasses!