Many sports and outdoor activities pose a risk of eye injury, whether its due to fast moving objects, inadvertent contact with others, or wind and debris. These incidences could be reduced by a measure as simple as wearing protective eyewear. But not only will eyewear help reduce the prevalence of injuries, but they will also help improve performance by ensuring protection against the elements and providing strong visual acuity and clarity. Enter the Carrera Speedway sunglasses.


Carrera Speedway - Sport Eyewear. Availiable with prescription lenses and high end lens technologies such as Verolux S serious lenses, Crizal Anti Reflective coating as well as Transition lenses.

Design wise, the Carrera Speedway features a navigator styled framework and temples made of propionate. It is the propionate that makes these sunglasses so lightweight and affords them hypoallergenic properties.
Additionally, it also grants good impact resistance. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which serves it two important purposes. Firstly, polycarbonate also is impact resistant to a similar degree as propionate, which will help with protecting the eyes from being injured due to fast moving objects. And secondly, it has built-in UV protection, which works wonders for preventing the glare of the sun from blinding the eyes and subsequently hampering performance or unintentionally causing something even worse to happen. The lenses are supplemented with a scratch-resistant coating on both sides to add to the durability factor and offer the best endurance possible. Other aesthetics include the stripe detail on the top bar and temples. The Carrera logo adorns the temples as well. These aesthetics come together to produce a retro style with modern quirks and an altogether stylish and fashionable pair of sunglasses for both men and women alike. Not only will the wearer look spectacular, but they will also be protected and fortified thanks to these sunglasses.

            There are many colors to choose from, including black orange, black silver, black white, brown, matte black, white black, and violet. Prescription lenses can be added depending on the needs of the wearer.