Céline launched a line of eyewear in February 2001 under the direction of then-creative director Michael Kors that has become a critically acclaimed accessories line. The brand expanded its line of eyewear by signing a multi-year agreement with the Italian firm Safilo Group in 2011. Céline saw the value of using Safilo Group as a distributor due to its reputation as a worldwide leader in the premium eyewear sector, including the sunglasses and prescription eyewear markets. This deal has resulted in the production and distribution of high-quality Céline brand eyewear on a global scale. The Céline original sunglasses possess the stylish and sophisticated flair necessary to bring up the wearer’s star power and make him/her feel as if he/she is Hollywood royalty.


Original Celine sunglasses for men and woman.


           The brand has sunglasses for both men and women. One of the most prominent female models is the CL 41029/S. This model features rectangular frames with a bold look that make for a great reconstruction of the classic Wayfarer style. The frames are made of acetate material for increased flexibility and range of color variations to suit the desired visual look. Additionally, this model has full, dark lenses and shows off small spot detail at the front arms and the temples. Furthermore, the temples also come adorned with the Céline insignia. The wearer can choose from the frame colors of black, coffee, Havana, and transparent blue. Prescription lenses are available for addition upon request.

            One of the main models is the CL 41807/S. It is a recent addition from this past year. It comes in the aviator style and is designed to adapt to the current fashion. The frames are comprised of a metal material. Another distinctive feature is the double bridge that is synonymous with the classic aviator style. These sunglasses are ideal for those successful businessmen who want to look great around the clock, irrespective of their current work. Frame colors to choose from include blue, matte Havana, pink, shiny black, and white. Prescription lenses are available for addition upon the wearer’s request.