The new eyewear in the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Collection is characterized by a modern style that combines sporty inspiration and elegance in their designs. Other significant features of this collection are the utilization of geometric shapes, new, incomparable color combinations, an innovative mix of the frame materials of acetate and metal to create extra-lightweight eyewear, and many others. Women’s sunglasses use subtle, opal hues, whereas the men’s sunglasses incorporate relatively bolder hues into their color palette. Remember, the eyewear that’s discussed here are but only some of the models within this amazing collection.

            The MJ 564/S is a women’s sunglasses model. It features an Oversized style that fits very well with oblong or rectangular shaped faces. The frames are made of propionate, which offers a hypoallergenic quality to the sunglasses and makes them very lightweight. Other physical features include the arrangement of the frames in a wraparound style and rounded translucent edges. Additionally, the temples are emblazoned with the signature three metal dots. This model embodies the Marc Jacobs’ brand love for retro, chic styled accessories. These sunglasses feature a pastel color palette that was featured in the fashion show. The colors include Beige, Milky Brown, Milky Orange, Green, and Havana.

Marc Jacobs Women's Sunglasses MJ 564/S available with prescription lenses upon request.

            Another women’s sunglasses model is the MJ 560/S. It is an optical equivalent, the MJ 572. They feature the Geometric style, which complements round and oval shaped faces. These two models are known for their exhibition of glamorous colors and mixes of materials. For example, the frames are made of a combination of metal and acetate that covers both sides of the metal. This combination not only provides the shape with a quality of being lightweight, but also helps give it solid structure. There is a unique three-cube hinge on the sides that gives these models simple, clear designs. The captivating color combinations between the insides and outsides of the frames help enhance the oversized quality of the frames. These eyewear products may be colored Brown and Cream, Dark Blue and Light Blue, Brown and Orange, and Burgundy and Red.

            The MJ 566/S is a men’s sunglasses model in this collection. It features the Aviator style, which perfectly matches the contours and curves that define square and heart shaped faces. The frame material is made of acetate, which is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and can be customized with a great variety of color combinations. The primary features of this model are its bold, squared-off frames and the rubber details on its front and temples that gives it the feelings of being both sporty and luxurious. The color palette for this model emphasizes solid hues, with the usage of combinations such as Ivory with Black Rubber, Burgundy with Black Rubber, Blue with Black Rubber, and Black with Gray Rubber.