Since the current inventory consists only of Coach eyewear products for women, some of which have been previously examined, let’s give fair treatment and exclusively focus on men’s products here. There will be two different lines of men’s sunglasses discussed here. Those are the Thompson and Bleecker sunglasses.

            Coach Aviator Sunglasses Thompson for men also available with prescription upon requestThe Thompson sunglasses are the creation of Luxottica, which is the premier luxury eyewear maker in the world, under the Coach label. These sunglasses feature the Aviator style, which is best known for its clean and simple colors, metal frames, and lenses shaped like teardrops. It has received massive exposure and popularity due to their usage by most pilots and celebrity endorsement via Tom Cruise. Aviator styled sunglasses complement the curves of square and heart shaped faces very well. The frames are made of some customized acetates and complemented with lightweight metal rims to give off a cool and stylish look and flair. However, the defining feature of these sunglasses is the subtle, archive-inspired ticking stripe inside the temple pieces. This alone gives these sunglasses their signature, distinctive look. The classic Coach lozenge logo can be seen adorning the temples. These sunglasses feature completely perfect, broad-spectrum UV protection, courtesy of its gradient lenses. The gradient lenses help shield the eyes from overhead sunlight and allow light to pass through the bottom halves of the lenses. This helps immensely with driving, letting the driver who wears these sunglasses see the dashboard with visual acuity and clarity. These sunglasses come in a variety of colors, such as Gold and Dark Tortoise, Black and Gunmetal, and Antique Brass and Dark Tortoise. The latter two colors may also come with polarized lenses. Prescription lenses can be added if needed.

             The Bleecker sunglasses feature a Square / Aviator style, which complement the same facial shapes as mentioned for the Thompson sunglasses, as well as a rounded face. Other physical features include the incorporation of brushed metal frames and tortoiseshell earpieces that are presented in such a way that the model looks to have a streamlined profile. The ticking stripe inside the temple pieces is also present in these sunglasses and offers the same stylistic benefits in this line of eyewear as it did with the previously mentioned Thompson sunglasses. Gradient lenses are also used here to great effect to provide the same advantages of 100%, broad-spectrum UV protection. These sunglasses come in different color combinations, such as Gunmetal and Dark Tortoise and Antique Silver and Black. Bleecker sunglasses also have variants with polarized lenses, colored in Antique Silver and Black and Gold. Prescription lenses are also a possible option.