On the spring of summer 2017, the fashion industry is going to show us a voyage bound for the much acclaimed Italian Tropic. This season is going to be coated with icons traditionally associated with Italy. Some of the traditional Italian icons include pasta, bread, and good luck charms. What they intend to do with this is to make their sunglasses make you have a vacation feel, punctuated with cocktails, ice cream, and sequins.

The most recent product of Dolce & Gabbana is already out. You don’t have to imagine how luxury, elegance, and style will merge anymore. Dolce & Gabbana is releasing one of the most beautiful glasses that they have made yet. These are exclusively for women, and they are inspired by the detail and beauty that a butterfly has to offer. You can say it is inspired by nature.

ButterflyYou can immediately see where the inspiration for these glasses comes from. The Dolce & Gabbana designer team made a great job when they captured the essence of the butterfly and turned it into a wearable fashion accessory.

The frames depict the wings in a way that is both tasteful and elegant, without losing the fashionable sense of the sunglasses. The straps on these sunglasses are slender and pretty simple, yet in combination with the framework that these glasses have it turns out to be one of the greatest designs Dolce & Gabbana has come up with.

When you inspect the frame with a closer look, you notice that it has crystal petals encrusted into them. These crystal petals will shine under the sun in an elegant and colorful way, just like the wings of a beautiful butterfly.

ButterflyThese vintage-style acetate sunglasses with a classic butterfly shape inspired by the fun-filled atmospheres of summer vacations can be the next fashion and stylish thing you own. These sunglasses have a delicate floral appliqué and some of the details are created with Swarovski crystal petals, which make it feel more elegant. As always, these temples are branded with the Dolce & Gabbana logo on them.