First presented in late August 2014, this eyewear collection introduces some new models of both eyeglasses and sunglasses for women. The target audience is those women who are looking to give off an aura of sexuality and sensuality by embracing contemporary styles. These models are yet further innovations with the trademark Gucci flair that embrace its traditions of excellent craftsmanship and finesse.

            The premier models of this collection are the GG 4263/S, the sunglasses model, and its analogue, the GG 3717, which is the eyeglasses model. These two models feature the geometric style with frames of metal for the sunglasses and frames of Optyl for the eyeglasses.

The insides of the temples are made of a soft-to-the-touch rubber material that offers a pleasantly comfortable feeling. The exterior temples are covered with a diamond pattern fabric, which is a Gucci hallmark.

Gucci sunglasses and eyeglasses Fall/Winter 2014-2015 collection. Availiable with prescription customized lenses, transition and/or AR coating.

 Additionally, they are also adorned with the interlocking double G metal logo. The colors of the sunglasses are themed around the chemistry of tone-on-tone colors, with those being gold and black, dark ruthenium and black, light gold and chocolate, and red gold and ivory. The eyeglasses come in the colors of opal gray, transparent violet, black, and Havana, with the color choice emphasizing elegance. They may both come with prescription lenses if and when needed.

            There is a separate collection of eyewear exclusively for the men. And just like the eyewear collection for women, this male collection combines modern and vintage styles with great craftsmanship and with a subtle hint of elegance. The main models in this collection are the GG 2256/S and GG 1082/S, which are sunglasses, and the GG 1073, which is the eyeglasses model. The GG 2256/S features a more rectangular style with frame material of metal. The GG 1082/S and GG1073 both come in a geometric style with frame material of acetate. These three models feature new innovations in the men eyewear segment due to the new proportions and sharp precision that define their linear shapes. Their additional exhibition of round shapes are inspired by the sensuality that defined the Fall/Winter fashion show and are strengthened by the flat design that they incorporate. The lenses are made of mineral glass so as to ensure the greatest visual clarity and acuity possible. The temples are made of metal and are ultra-slim. These temples are enriched with original, plastic oval end-tips to provide a comfortable feeling through their distinctive touch. The interlocking double G logo is present within the end-tips. As if it weren’t enough, the sunglasses models also have adjustable nose pads to provide the perfect fit. These models come in a variety of color palettes, ranging from ruthenium and gold to black and Havana. Furthermore, there is also spotted Havana in the colors of yellow, green, and burgundy. All three models may be customized with prescription lenses should the wearer need them.