Persol prides itself on its products being handmade since the company’s inception. Not only are they handmade, but they also feature the perfect craftsmanship with the highest quality materials available that provides all of their products with distinguished designs and innate style. This is all captured and symbolized in the form of the Supreme Arrow that adorns the temples of their eyewear, which further adds to their stylization. Its reference to the honorable traditions of ancient warriors makes Persol products a must-have for those who consider themselves to be fierce and powerful people of action!

            Persol men's polarized folding sunglasses PO0714 also available with prescription lensesThis is most clearly seen in their sunglasses for both men and women. One of the most popular and fashionable men’s sunglasses is the PO0714 model. It originated as a variant of the highly successful 649 model and may have been the first collapsible eyewear. Steve McQueen made it famous in the classic movie, The Thomas Crown Affair, and it still reigns today in popularity and fashion. This model features the aviator/pilot style, which perfectly complements all face shapes and sizes. The frame material is composed of acetate, which helps make this model very lightweight and yet durable at the same time. Additionally, the acetate gives these sunglasses many different color variations, which will be discussed later. The lenses are photo-polarized crystal lenses, which means that they possess both photochromic and polarized filters. The photochromic filter adapts the darkening of the color of the lenses based on the amount of incoming light. This helps ensure greater visual acuity and clarity even when exposed to a plethora of different conditions. The polarized filter helps block any glare and thus provides perfect vision. Other features include the usage of the vintage Meflecto patent system on the temple hinges for great comfort and flexibility, and the Victor Flex bridge that fits with the contours of any and all faces. The various colors to choose from include Havana, Light Havana, and Havana Green. There are further options that come with polarized lenses for an extra charge. That pool of colors is comprised of Black, Coffee, Havana Brown, Tobacco, and Transparent Yellow. Prescription lenses may be added if needed. Its marked down 20% off of its retail price, so be sure to pick this one up.

            Persol women's sunglasses PO3081S Square shape. Available with prescription lenses upon request.One of the newest pairs of women’s sunglasses is the PO3081S model. It is constructed in the square style, which works especially well with oval and round-shaped faces. As with the PO0714, the frame material is acetate. But in the PO3081S, the frames are bi-layered, which is a unique Persol innovation and communication thereof. The lenses are made of crystal glass. Persol uses only the most natural sources for its crystal glass and scientifically formulates it in such a way that they offer unparalleled visual clarity and UV protection. The logo is laser engraved on the inner temple tips. Overall, this model boasts clean lines and a combination of features that make for a state-of-the-art design. There are a great variety of colors to choose from here, with all but one featuring a variation of Havana. The colors are Black Crystal, Blue Havana, Green Havana, Havana Gray, and Matte Havana. Prescription lenses are optional. This too is marked down 20% off of its retail price, so you save money and get a great pair of sunglasses in one swift stroke.