Tory Burch eyewear first saw its debut in 2009 and has since become one of the premier brands in the industry. It has gained a reputation for its enchanting and graceful styles that incorporate a small amount of quirkiness that is enough to keep people guessing. The sophisticated designs that define the eyewear enable one to mix and match the eyewear with a closet full of outfits that is guaranteed to leave one looking stylish every time!

Tory Burch has a great deal of different styles within the eyewear line to choose from. One of the most prominent styles is the aviator/pilot style. One of the more prominent models is the Tory Burch Aviator Sunglasses TY6010. These sunglasses feature a full rim metal frame for women. This metal frame is made of Monel, a material that is made of a copper and nickel base. This particular metal is strong and durable, can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the wearer, and is corrosion resistant. It can retain its shape and stability. The temples themselves are decorated with unique and colorful patterns. The Tory Burch Double-T logo can be seen displayed on the temples. These may come in certain colors with gradient tinted lenses, which make them ideal for fashion. This model features frames that come in colors of gold, gold blue, or gold pink. The glasses themselves may come in colors of black, green, Havana, brown, and many others. It can be customized with prescription lenses if needed. The TY6010 particularly complements those who have the style of a fashion designer, a retro or vintage look, or a cool or trendy appearance and makes them all truly stand out as stylish individuals.

Wide selection of Tory Burch aviator eyewear with polarized or prescription lenses

Tory Burch sunglasses with polarized lenses may also come at the discretion of the wearer. Polarized lenses would be best suited for those who spent a lot of time outdoors, especially fishermen, bikers, joggers, and golfers. This is because polarized sunglasses help reduce glare, which as usually experienced as light reflected from particular surfaces, such as a flat road or smooth water, that makes the light horizontally polarized. Lenses that are polarized use a special filter that helps block and thus reduce this intense reflected light. The result is increased comfort and visibility. Polarized sunglasses are useful in everyday situations such as driving, since the polarized lenses help reduce the glare experienced from a long, flat surface like the hood of the car or the surface of the road. The use of these types of lenses is cautioned because they may prove to be detrimental in some instances. The lenses may reduce the visibility of images obtained from LCDs or LEDs found in the car dashboards and digital screens on ATMs and self-service gas pumps. Skiers may want to avoid using these lenses because they block light reflecting off of icy patches that alerts the skier to incoming safety hazards.