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Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

Thursday, May 25, 2017 2:21:10 PM America/New_York

On the spring of summer 2017, the fashion industry is going to show us a voyage bound for the much acclaimed Italian Tropic. This season is going to be coated with icons traditionally associated with Italy. Some of the traditional Italian icons include pasta, bread, and good luck charms. What they intend to do with this is to make their sunglasses make you have a vacation feel, punctuated with cocktails, ice cream, and sequins.

The most recent product of Dolce & Gabbana is already out. You don’t have to imagine how luxury, elegance, and style will merge anymore. Dolce & Gabbana is releasing one of the most beautiful glasses that they have made yet. These are exclusively for women, and they are inspired by the detail and beauty that a butterfly has to offer. You can say it is inspired by nature.

ButterflyYou can immediately see where the inspiration for these glasses comes from. The Dolce & Gabbana designer team made a great job when they captured the essence of the butterfly and turned it into a wearable fashion accessory.

The frames depict the wings in a way that is both tasteful and elegant, without losing the fashionable sense of the sunglasses. The straps on these sunglasses are slender and pretty simple, yet in combination with the framework that these glasses have it turns out to be one of the greatest designs Dolce & Gabbana has come up with.

When you inspect the frame with a closer look, you notice that it has crystal petals encrusted into them. These crystal petals will shine under the sun in an elegant and colorful way, just like the wings of a beautiful butterfly.

ButterflyThese vintage-style acetate sunglasses with a classic butterfly shape inspired by the fun-filled atmospheres of summer vacations can be the next fashion and stylish thing you own. These sunglasses have a delicate floral appliqué and some of the details are created with Swarovski crystal petals, which make it feel more elegant. As always, these temples are branded with the Dolce & Gabbana logo on them.

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The Design Of Sunglasses

Saturday, May 13, 2017 12:54:34 PM America/New_York

When you look at the design of sunglasses, there are two key elements to consider regarding fashion and function. In the last few years, sunglasses have become a must have accessory, and the current design process makes you notice exactly that. Many of the fashion industries, including clothing, fragrance, and even sports have custom-design sunglasses to help the promotion of their own specific image. Many of these designs are not born in order to be functional. The only intent that they have is to increase the fashion appeal of the sunglasses. Stylish frames, lenses shaped in a unique way, and logos on the glasses are all part of the designers thoughts.

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Some designs may be considered as classic and timeless, other designs must be periodically upgraded to keep satisfying the general public's ever changing demands. The realm of children's sunglasses market is another area, one which requires frequently redesigning their models, since the style of the glasses changes from season to season and it is based on merchandising the glasses along with popular cartoons or other tv characters or personalities.

Sunglasses are designed specifically for many different types of outdoor activities. Sports fans have specific requirements that are reflected in sunglass design. For example, sunglasses designed for trap shooters are specifically designed to give the maximum contrast you can get. This is to allow better viewing of their clay pigeon targets. On the other hand, the sunglasses that are made specifically for skiers are designed to counter the light that is being reflected of snow-covered surfaces. Lenses that are of this kind are known as blue blockers. Blue blockers filter out violet, blue, and some UV rays. The sunglasses done specifically for fisherman and boaters have their own special needs that must be taken care of as well. Nowadays there are sunglasses for these and many more activities.

Sunglasses are used to protect the eyes in more than one way. The glasses have two ways of protecting your eyes, they can either absorb or reflect certain frequencies of light. In both cases, it reduces the amount of light that enters the eyes. The absorbing type of glasses are the ones that use various substances that are added to the lens material, and it’s used to selectively absorb light of specific frequencies. The range of frequencies can actually be controlled by changing the mixture of colorizing additives.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses Collection Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Thursday, January 15, 2015 2:16:47 PM America/New_York

Marc by Marc Jacobs (MMJ) prides itself on its amalgamation of a practical, urban style with irony and colored details to create elegant, classy eyewear designs. In light of serving its main demographic of 18 to 35 year olds, this collection of eyewear was designed specifically to satisfy the needs, wants, and desires of that target audience, which are high quality, unique products at affordable prices. To that end, this collection is marked for its vintage-inspired models that incorporate twists and innovations to make for new, cutting-edge eyewear.

            The Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MMJ 436/S is a men’s sunglasses model in this collection. It features the Square style, which works wonders with the contours and curves that define round and oval shaped faces. The frames are made of Monel, an alloy that is comprised of copper and nickel. These two together give the sunglasses strength, great adjustability, and good resistance to corrosion. Additionally, the frames will be able to maintain their shape and stability over time and wear. This model also features Nylon temples. The Nylon is blended for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it helps offset its initial brittleness. Also, the blends help make the Nylon lightweight, give it stability and hypoallergenic properties, and make it resistant to breakage, which adds to its durability factor. Other physical features include the metal grid on the front, which matches the colored temples. The MMJ logo can be seen adorning the temples. These sunglasses may come in the colors of Ruthenium with Gray, Ruthenium with Black, and Shiny Black with Matte Black. The color palette is complemented with flash lenses to give off a unique look. Prescription lenses may be added if needed. This model is a good fit for those men who desire sunglasses that give off a cool, trendy look.

            The MMJ 435/S is a women’s sunglasses model. This model features the Cat-Eye style, which goes together very well with those people who have triangular or diamond shaped faces. This model is the female counterpart to the male-oriented MMJ 436/S and thus possesses all of the same physical features save for the Cat-Eye frame style. This includes the refined, spectacular metal front that matches with the colored temples and the mirrored (flash) lenses that provide that signature stylish look. The mirrored or flash lenses are an excellent choice for those people who are sensitive to light because these lenses reflect light away from the eyes even more effectively than do the regular tinted lenses. It’s this quality that also makes the mirrored lenses very useful in those situations that obligate reduction in the overall brilliance of light, such as when seeing sunlight on snow, water, or ice. One should be aware that these lenses require additional coatings for greater long-term durability a la resistance to abrasion. The available color choices have been inspired by the season fashion show. These colors are Matte Red, Matte Black, Mud, and Smart Gold. Prescription lenses are optional.

            Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses MMJ 610The MMJ 610 is a unisex eyeglasses model. It features the Oval style, which is a great fit for those with square, heart, or diamond shaped faces. The frame material is acetate, which has great hypoallergenic properties since it’s derived from natural cottonseed fibers, is lightweight, provides great comfortability, and can retain its luster over time and wear. But perhaps the greatest advantage that acetate has is its versatility in its color choices, textures, and patterns. This model is defined by its simplistic and clean design, which is bolstered by refined, retro-inspired details such as the unique cut on its profiles and metal rivets on the front, as well as its keyhole bridge. The color palette for this model concentrates on stylish color contrasts between solid and transparent hues, such as Havana and Crystal, Black and Crystal, Black and Green, and Black and Blue. Prescription lenses can be added. This is a must have for anyone who wants a pair of optical frames that look stylish, cool, and trendy.

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Commanding Attention with Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses!

Monday, January 12, 2015 6:50:28 PM America/New_York

Dolce and Gabbana is characterized by the fashionable creativity in tandem with its superior tailoring that it employs in its products. Moreover, the brand is predicated on taking advantage of contrasting features and bringing out the best of both worlds to make for an altogether superb design. All of the brand’s products show off their fine Italian luxury design. One will never find a brand with products that ooze sensuality to anywhere near the same degree like Dolce and Gabbana.

            Dolce and Gabbana wraparound sunglasses DG 6083 for menOne of the newest models is the DG6083. It’s a men’s sunglasses model that features the Square style, which accommodates the curves of round and oval shaped faces very well. These sunglasses also wraparound the face, which helps provide great comfortability to the wearer, as well as offering UV protection from multiple angles, such as the front and the sides. Furthermore, they will also protect the eyes from wind and debris. The frames are made of rubberized plastic, which makes this model very lightweight, hypoallergenic, and affords great flexibility. The temples are made of metal and engraved with the Dolce & Gabbana logo, as are the temple tips. This model comes in a variety of colors, such as Black frames with Gunmetal colored temples, Black rubber temple tips, and Gray Gradient Lenses, Green frames with Silver colored temples, Green rubber temple tips, and Gray Green lenses, Blue frames with Gunmetal colored temples, Blue rubber temple tips, and Gray lenses, and Gray frames with Matte Black colored temples, Gray rubber temple tips, and exclusive D & G silver mirrored lenses. The mirrored lenses reflect light away from the eyes better than do tinted lenses, which makes the Gray colored version a must-have for those who are light sensitive. Prescription lenses are available and optional. This model is priced at a 21% discount, so be sure to pick up this model and save money while looking like a star in the process.

            Dolce and Gabbana Women's Sunglasses DG4207 availiable with prescription lenses upon request.Another prominent sunglasses model is the DG4207. This is a pair of women’s sunglasses that feature the Cat-Eye style, which goes along very well with the contours of oval, square, and round shaped faces. The frames are made of multilayered acetate, which makes these sunglasses hypoallergenic, lightweight, and give them plenty of options with color combinations. There are 8 layers of acetate present that all combine to create a rainbow embellishment effect, which is such an inimitable quality that it would be very difficult to recreate in another pair of sunglasses. The CR-39 plastic lenses add to the lightweight factor and also have excellent optical qualities in general. There is a great variety in the color palette here, with colors such as Brown, Fuchsia, Orange, Red, and Turquoise to pick from. Prescription lenses are available for customization. It’s priced at a 21% discount off of retail price, so all of those lovely ladies are looking for pizzazz and style should look no further than the DG4207.

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Persol Sunglasses – Refinement in Craftsmanship!

Friday, January 9, 2015 11:52:54 AM America/New_York

Persol prides itself on its products being handmade since the company’s inception. Not only are they handmade, but they also feature the perfect craftsmanship with the highest quality materials available that provides all of their products with distinguished designs and innate style. This is all captured and symbolized in the form of the Supreme Arrow that adorns the temples of their eyewear, which further adds to their stylization. Its reference to the honorable traditions of ancient warriors makes Persol products a must-have for those who consider themselves to be fierce and powerful people of action!

            Persol men's polarized folding sunglasses PO0714 also available with prescription lensesThis is most clearly seen in their sunglasses for both men and women. One of the most popular and fashionable men’s sunglasses is the PO0714 model. It originated as a variant of the highly successful 649 model and may have been the first collapsible eyewear. Steve McQueen made it famous in the classic movie, The Thomas Crown Affair, and it still reigns today in popularity and fashion. This model features the aviator/pilot style, which perfectly complements all face shapes and sizes. The frame material is composed of acetate, which helps make this model very lightweight and yet durable at the same time. Additionally, the acetate gives these sunglasses many different color variations, which will be discussed later. The lenses are photo-polarized crystal lenses, which means that they possess both photochromic and polarized filters. The photochromic filter adapts the darkening of the color of the lenses based on the amount of incoming light. This helps ensure greater visual acuity and clarity even when exposed to a plethora of different conditions. The polarized filter helps block any glare and thus provides perfect vision. Other features include the usage of the vintage Meflecto patent system on the temple hinges for great comfort and flexibility, and the Victor Flex bridge that fits with the contours of any and all faces. The various colors to choose from include Havana, Light Havana, and Havana Green. There are further options that come with polarized lenses for an extra charge. That pool of colors is comprised of Black, Coffee, Havana Brown, Tobacco, and Transparent Yellow. Prescription lenses may be added if needed. Its marked down 20% off of its retail price, so be sure to pick this one up.

            Persol women's sunglasses PO3081S Square shape. Available with prescription lenses upon request.One of the newest pairs of women’s sunglasses is the PO3081S model. It is constructed in the square style, which works especially well with oval and round-shaped faces. As with the PO0714, the frame material is acetate. But in the PO3081S, the frames are bi-layered, which is a unique Persol innovation and communication thereof. The lenses are made of crystal glass. Persol uses only the most natural sources for its crystal glass and scientifically formulates it in such a way that they offer unparalleled visual clarity and UV protection. The logo is laser engraved on the inner temple tips. Overall, this model boasts clean lines and a combination of features that make for a state-of-the-art design. There are a great variety of colors to choose from here, with all but one featuring a variation of Havana. The colors are Black Crystal, Blue Havana, Green Havana, Havana Gray, and Matte Havana. Prescription lenses are optional. This too is marked down 20% off of its retail price, so you save money and get a great pair of sunglasses in one swift stroke.

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Marc Jacobs Fall 2014/Winter 2015 Collection

Sunday, January 4, 2015 1:31:05 PM America/New_York

            The new eyewear in the Marc Jacobs Fall/Winter 2014/2015 Collection is characterized by a modern style that combines sporty inspiration and elegance in their designs. Other significant features of this collection are the utilization of geometric shapes, new, incomparable color combinations, an innovative mix of the frame materials of acetate and metal to create extra-lightweight eyewear, and many others. Women’s sunglasses use subtle, opal hues, whereas the men’s sunglasses incorporate relatively bolder hues into their color palette. Remember, the eyewear that’s discussed here are but only some of the models within this amazing collection.

            The MJ 564/S is a women’s sunglasses model. It features an Oversized style that fits very well with oblong or rectangular shaped faces. The frames are made of propionate, which offers a hypoallergenic quality to the sunglasses and makes them very lightweight. Other physical features include the arrangement of the frames in a wraparound style and rounded translucent edges. Additionally, the temples are emblazoned with the signature three metal dots. This model embodies the Marc Jacobs’ brand love for retro, chic styled accessories. These sunglasses feature a pastel color palette that was featured in the fashion show. The colors include Beige, Milky Brown, Milky Orange, Green, and Havana.

Marc Jacobs Women's Sunglasses MJ 564/S available with prescription lenses upon request.

            Another women’s sunglasses model is the MJ 560/S. It is an optical equivalent, the MJ 572. They feature the Geometric style, which complements round and oval shaped faces. These two models are known for their exhibition of glamorous colors and mixes of materials. For example, the frames are made of a combination of metal and acetate that covers both sides of the metal. This combination not only provides the shape with a quality of being lightweight, but also helps give it solid structure. There is a unique three-cube hinge on the sides that gives these models simple, clear designs. The captivating color combinations between the insides and outsides of the frames help enhance the oversized quality of the frames. These eyewear products may be colored Brown and Cream, Dark Blue and Light Blue, Brown and Orange, and Burgundy and Red.

            The MJ 566/S is a men’s sunglasses model in this collection. It features the Aviator style, which perfectly matches the contours and curves that define square and heart shaped faces. The frame material is made of acetate, which is hypoallergenic, lightweight, and can be customized with a great variety of color combinations. The primary features of this model are its bold, squared-off frames and the rubber details on its front and temples that gives it the feelings of being both sporty and luxurious. The color palette for this model emphasizes solid hues, with the usage of combinations such as Ivory with Black Rubber, Burgundy with Black Rubber, Blue with Black Rubber, and Black with Gray Rubber.

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Coach – Men’s Sunglasses

Thursday, January 1, 2015 12:18:00 PM America/New_York

Since the current inventory consists only of Coach eyewear products for women, some of which have been previously examined, let’s give fair treatment and exclusively focus on men’s products here. There will be two different lines of men’s sunglasses discussed here. Those are the Thompson and Bleecker sunglasses.

            Coach Aviator Sunglasses Thompson for men also available with prescription upon requestThe Thompson sunglasses are the creation of Luxottica, which is the premier luxury eyewear maker in the world, under the Coach label. These sunglasses feature the Aviator style, which is best known for its clean and simple colors, metal frames, and lenses shaped like teardrops. It has received massive exposure and popularity due to their usage by most pilots and celebrity endorsement via Tom Cruise. Aviator styled sunglasses complement the curves of square and heart shaped faces very well. The frames are made of some customized acetates and complemented with lightweight metal rims to give off a cool and stylish look and flair. However, the defining feature of these sunglasses is the subtle, archive-inspired ticking stripe inside the temple pieces. This alone gives these sunglasses their signature, distinctive look. The classic Coach lozenge logo can be seen adorning the temples. These sunglasses feature completely perfect, broad-spectrum UV protection, courtesy of its gradient lenses. The gradient lenses help shield the eyes from overhead sunlight and allow light to pass through the bottom halves of the lenses. This helps immensely with driving, letting the driver who wears these sunglasses see the dashboard with visual acuity and clarity. These sunglasses come in a variety of colors, such as Gold and Dark Tortoise, Black and Gunmetal, and Antique Brass and Dark Tortoise. The latter two colors may also come with polarized lenses. Prescription lenses can be added if needed.

             The Bleecker sunglasses feature a Square / Aviator style, which complement the same facial shapes as mentioned for the Thompson sunglasses, as well as a rounded face. Other physical features include the incorporation of brushed metal frames and tortoiseshell earpieces that are presented in such a way that the model looks to have a streamlined profile. The ticking stripe inside the temple pieces is also present in these sunglasses and offers the same stylistic benefits in this line of eyewear as it did with the previously mentioned Thompson sunglasses. Gradient lenses are also used here to great effect to provide the same advantages of 100%, broad-spectrum UV protection. These sunglasses come in different color combinations, such as Gunmetal and Dark Tortoise and Antique Silver and Black. Bleecker sunglasses also have variants with polarized lenses, colored in Antique Silver and Black and Gold. Prescription lenses are also a possible option.

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Burberry – The Trench Collection

Monday, December 29, 2014 12:13:38 PM America/New_York

            This eyewear collection was released last year in 2014. It was inspired by the vintage Burberry trench coat first created in 1914. The current trench coats are made with an English design, incorporating English-woven gabardine, which is a handmade tough and tightly woven fabric. Additionally, the trench coats come with d-rings and a buckled belt, which are both inspired by signature military details. The Trench Collection is comprised of eyewear that recreates all of the trademarks of the trench coat into their designs. One such detail is the nose-pad supports, which reference the hook-and-eye neck fastening of the trench coat. Additionally, they are cast from a mold that bears the iconic Burberry check. Another detail is the temples, which have been adorned with the Burberry check that serves as the lining of the trench coat. The temple tips themselves have been wrapped in leather. Some of the colors that are exclusive to the color palette that define these eyewear models are the signature Honey and Gold, Stone and Silver, and Black with Tortoiseshell.

            Burberry men's sunglasses featuring square style BE 4154Q availiable with prescription lenses upon request.The BE4154Q is a model of men’s sunglasses within the collection. It features a Square style, which highlights the contours of the round and oval shaped faces very well. The frames are made of the richest acetate available, the coloring of which is customized to a series of trench shades that are exclusive to Burberry’s color palette. These colors will be discussed later. The lenses are polycarbonate, which may have up to as much as 10 times the impact resistance than the standard plastic or glass lenses. Even so, they may require an additional coating for further protection from scratches. Furthermore, they offer absolute protection from UV radiation. Thus, they do not require an additional coating specifically to help prevent UV radiation. Additionally, this model features a half metal rim. The temple tips are wrapped in leather and feature contrast stitching, which is a throwback to the trench buckle. The Burberry logo can be seen adorned onto the temples. These sunglasses work very well for those people who desire a cool, trendy, and stylish look. Moreover, they are an ideal fit for a plethora of situations, ranging from fashion to everyday driving on the streets. This model may come in the colors of Black, Black Gold, Brown Havana, and Dark Havana. Prescription lenses are optional. It is priced at a 20% discount, so be sure to get this model and get a great looking pair of sunglasses at a reasonable price.


            Burberry women's sunglasses featuring square stile BE 4153Q available with prescription lenses upon request.Another model that comes from this collection is the BE4153Q. It is a pair of women’s sunglasses and features the same Square style and acetate frames as the previously discussed model. The lenses in this model are instead made of plastic, which gives the sunglasses good optical quality and a feeling of being lightweight. They also have good shatter resistance and can be more easily tinted with uniform grade colors than other types of lenses. But these lenses require additional coatings for both scratch-resistance and UV protection. Once again, the temple tips are leather-wrapped. The classic Burberry check can be seen on both the temples and their tips. They work very in the same situations as with the BE4154Q, but emphasize more of a stylish fashion designer look. Possible colors for these sunglasses include Beige Havana, Black, Brown Beige, and Dark Havana. Beige Havana colored sunglasses may be polarized for an extra charge. Prescription lenses are also an option. As with the other model, this is price at a 20% discount, so it’s recommended that the ladies pick this particular model up as soon as possible.

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Persol Eyeglasses – Quality Is Beyond Profit

Friday, December 26, 2014 5:22:33 PM America/New_York

         Women’s eyeglasses PO3036V comes in the phantos or oval shaped style, which works wonders for those with square or diamond shaped faces or even those people who have long noses. The frame material is made of acetate, which has hypoallergenic properties since it was derived from natural cottonseed fibers. Additionally, the acetate is lightweight.Persol doesn’t just excel with its sunglasses – it succeeds above and beyond with eyeglasses as well. This can be observed in the women’s eyeglasses PO3036V model. It comes in the phantos or oval shaped style, which works wonders for those with square or diamond shaped faces or even those people who have long noses. The frame material is made of acetate, which has hypoallergenic properties since it was derived from natural cottonseed fibers. Additionally, the acetate is lightweight. Furthermore, it has great versatility with its color choices, patterns, and textures, with it being able to be laminated to produce excellent visual effects. That’s further complemented by the ability of the acetate to maintain its sheen and luster. Other physical features include the usage of full-rim frames and a single bridge. Stylistically, the Supreme Arrow can be seen decorating the temples to impart that signature Persol look. The Persol logo is also seen adorned on the temples. The color choices range from Coffee to Tobacco, with Black, Havana, and Striped Brown garnering an extra charge. These eyeglasses can have prescription lenses added if needed. Pricewise, it comes at 20% off of its regular retail price. This is a definite must-have for those who have classic styles, rock the retro look, like the cool and trendy, or favor stylish design.

One of the newest models of men’s eyeglasses is

Men’s eyeglasses PO3060V comes in the rectangular shape, which go very well with people who have round or oval faces or those people who have long noses. The rounded edges of these frames give the wearer a softer and more understated look and appeal.

 the PO3060V model. It comes in the rectangular style, which go very well with people who have round or oval faces or those people who have long noses. The rounded edges of these frames give the wearer a softer and more understated look and appeal. As with the previous model, the frame material is made of acetate and offers the same exact benefits. It too also features full-rim frames and a single bridge. The vintage Persol Supreme Arrow decorates the temples and helps complete the stylish package that is the PO3060V. This model, as well as the aforementioned PO3036V, is part of the Suprema Collection, which brings together new eyewear that incorporate heritage into their designs, which are variants of iconic Persol styles. It simultaneously serves as both a celebration of those classic styles and the advancement of newer, different designs. This model may come in the colors of Black, Blue, and Havana. Prescription lenses can be added for those who need it. Its price is a 20% discount off the regular retail one. This is sure to be a double whammy for those people who appreciate classic, trendy, or stylish designs in their eyewear and are looking to save some money in the process of getting some.

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Sports Eyewear – Carrera Speedway

Tuesday, December 23, 2014 12:47:00 PM America/New_York

Many sports and outdoor activities pose a risk of eye injury, whether its due to fast moving objects, inadvertent contact with others, or wind and debris. These incidences could be reduced by a measure as simple as wearing protective eyewear. But not only will eyewear help reduce the prevalence of injuries, but they will also help improve performance by ensuring protection against the elements and providing strong visual acuity and clarity. Enter the Carrera Speedway sunglasses.


Carrera Speedway - Sport Eyewear. Availiable with prescription lenses and high end lens technologies such as Verolux S serious lenses, Crizal Anti Reflective coating as well as Transition lenses.

Design wise, the Carrera Speedway features a navigator styled framework and temples made of propionate. It is the propionate that makes these sunglasses so lightweight and affords them hypoallergenic properties.
Additionally, it also grants good impact resistance. The lenses are made of polycarbonate, which serves it two important purposes. Firstly, polycarbonate also is impact resistant to a similar degree as propionate, which will help with protecting the eyes from being injured due to fast moving objects. And secondly, it has built-in UV protection, which works wonders for preventing the glare of the sun from blinding the eyes and subsequently hampering performance or unintentionally causing something even worse to happen. The lenses are supplemented with a scratch-resistant coating on both sides to add to the durability factor and offer the best endurance possible. Other aesthetics include the stripe detail on the top bar and temples. The Carrera logo adorns the temples as well. These aesthetics come together to produce a retro style with modern quirks and an altogether stylish and fashionable pair of sunglasses for both men and women alike. Not only will the wearer look spectacular, but they will also be protected and fortified thanks to these sunglasses.

            There are many colors to choose from, including black orange, black silver, black white, brown, matte black, white black, and violet. Prescription lenses can be added depending on the needs of the wearer.

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