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Tom Ford

   Tom Ford created the Tom Ford Brand of eyewear in 2005. He used his extensive work experience as Creative Director at Gucci and Gucci Group to do so. His work there helped to increase sales for the company from $230 million in 1994 to almost $3 billion in 2003, which helped establish Gucci as one of the largest and most valuable luxurious brands in the entire world. Additionally, it made Ford very credible in his work and showed his great business acumen. The former Gucci Group President and CEO, Domenico de Sole, who became the Chairman of Ford’s Company, aided Ford’s new venture into the field of eyewear.

   Together, they secured a partnership with the Marcolin Group to both produce and distribute optical frames and sunglasses. For women, this collection of sunglasses includes a plethora of varieties such as cat-eye (a horn-rimmed type of sunglasses, features the ‘T’ logo), Jennifer (features cutaway lenses and metal ‘T’ inserts on the tubular temples), Miranda (features crossover detail, tubular temples, and cutaway lenses), and Nikita (features the metal ‘T logo’). Many optical frames can be chosen for eyeglasses including, but not limited to, square, soft square, oversized square, round, and oval frames. For men, there are many aviator sunglasses. This type of sunglasses usually features oversize teardrop-shaped lenses and thin metal frames. Men have the same options as women when choosing optical frames, but additionally can choose wide square and wide soft square frames. The extensive variety and quality of eyewear has proven to be very successful for Tom Ford and his brand, which ranks in the top 3 brands at specialty stores all over the world. 



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