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   Versace eyewear is comprised of eyeglasses and sunglasses for men and women. The brand features a plethora of styles including, but not limited to, butterfly, cat-eye, oval, rectangle, round, and square. Further customization options include types of lenses and color. Prescription lenses are available.

   Gianni Versace had a vision for the company that he wanted to launch. His brother, Santo and sister, Donatella followed Gianni to Milan, Italy to help him realize his vision. In 1978, they opened the first Versace boutique on Via della Spiga, one of Milan’s most prestigious and upscale shopping districts. The boutique sold Gianni’s designs for Genny, Callaghan, and Complice, all three of which were Milanese brands. This venture proved to be immediately successful, prompting Gianni to continue with his work. He soon introduced womenswear at the Permanente Art Gallery in Milan that March and menswear in September.  

   By 1981 there was the release of the brand’s first fragrance, Gianni Versace, named after Gianni himself. In 1982, Versace won the first out of its 4 total Golden Eye awards because of its fall collection, which prominently featured metal mesh. The brand got celebrity endorsement in 1983 from Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. Versace also recruited designer Maurizio Pecoraro during that time. The brand got further exposure in the popular television show Miami Vice, as well as endorsement by famous musician Bruce Springsteen during one of his tours. 

   1989 was an important year for the brand. That year saw the debut of the brand’s line of fine jewelry. The “Dresses for Thought” exhibition was held in Milan. Furthermore, the haute couture collection, Atelier Versace, debuted with 14 styles and sold 52 pieces that January. By the next January, Atelier Versace was already being shown on the runway. Also, V2 by Versace menswear was introduced that April. In 1991, the brand received the Woolmark Award for “challenging men’s fashion standards” through its utilization and combination of “brilliant color, imaginative fabric, and dramatic silhouette.” Gianni also won the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s International Award.

   Over the next few years, the Versace Signature line and Home Signature collection were introduced. In 1994, Versace gained even more mainstream exposure due to the extensive coverage of Elizabeth Hurley’s Versace dress. This also helped catapult Hurley from relatively unknown status into worldwide media recognition. The subsequent years saw the celebrity endorsement of Versace products by many.

   In 1996, Versace opened the then-largest single-designer store in New York in the Vanderbilt town house on Fifth Avenue. The grand opening of the store starred music performances by Bon Jovi and Elton John. At that time, the company also managed to get a deal for its Versace Classic V2 line of products. Designers Brian Atwood and Kinder Aggugini joined Versace at around the time, bolstering the staff and creative talent on hand.

   Unfortunately, in 1997, Gianni was murdered. However, prior to his death, it was decided that he grant 50%, 30%, and 20% stakes in the company to his niece (Donatella’s daughter), Santo, and Donatella, respectively.

   By 1998, fine watches were introduced. Another designer, Marco Zanini, joined Versace in 1999, further strengthening the staff after the death of Gianni and the departure of his partner from the company. By 2004, the company started to transition into a corporation, marked by its sale of its beauty, fragrance, and watch divisions. The next 2 years were marked by the release of a menswear line called Versace Collezione, Versace Sport, and Versace Home Couture. In 2006, the company inked a deal in which Versace was to design private jet interiors. Soon thereafter, the company also started to design for yachts, race-cars, and helicopters.

   Through collaboration with Julie Verhoeven, in 2009 its fall collection was released. Fashion designer Christopher Kane headed the relaunch of the Versace Versus apparel. Versace Collection debuted in the fall of 2010 as a lower priced line of products. The company even got into the mobile phone business with its luxury-customized phone, Unique. In 2012, the Full Atelier Versace couture collection hit the runway. The show took place at the Ritz, a venue that was favored by the original Versace leader, the late Gianni Versace.



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